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  • I live in in a yeah woahhh
  • I was born on August 23
  • My occupation is directror anfndn
  • I am non binary
  • Fatfrick

    Hawkboy Fancast

    July 20, 2017 by Fatfrick

    yeah so like hes a teen boy and yeah

    I also need fancast for Teen Hero as well as Levi in Youngbloods (me) so like choose 3 and also for Hawkboy he needs to look like the Hawkman actor bc like they are related so like heres a pciture 

    Luke Benward (22, Cloud 9, Girl Vs Monster)

    Cody Christian (22, Teen Wolf)

    Dacre Montgomery (22, Power Rangers)

    KJ Apa (20, Riverdale)

    Dylan Sprawyberry (19, Teen Wolf)

    Nat Wolff (22, Paper Towns)

    (only fancast as Teen and Levi)

    Nick Robinson (22, Everything Evertythgjgk) (Only as Teen or Levi)

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  • Fatfrick

    Hecate Fancast

    July 20, 2017 by Fatfrick

    So hecate like kills herself and  ineed a fancast and tbh ive always imagined her like the princess fro  sofia the first so yeah

    Angelina Jolie So like yeah her Maleficent cosume and movie so um yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh          

    So like Elizabeth Banks lol shes like hunger games and pitch perfect and like the right pciture is her in power rangers so hmm hecate

    Charlieze Theron so like yeah she plays the evil queen in the huntsman so um hecateeee

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  • Fatfrick


    TBA as TBA/The Hunter

    Wes Bentley as TBA/Hawkman

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  • Fatfrick


    Rachel McAdams as TBA/Aeons

    Amber Heard as TBA/Captain Twilight 

    Wes Bentley as TBA/Hawkman

    TBA as TBA/Mister Mage

    Priyanka Chopra as TBA/Lightshadow

    Armie Hammer as  TBA/Nightshade  

    TBA as Hecate

    TBA as Medusa

    TBA as Arachne

    TBA as Circe

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  • Fatfrick

    Hawkman 2 Plot/Fancast

    July 18, 2017 by Fatfrick


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